August 2014

DULCE ET DECORUM EST (John Paul Catton) - A mystery hiddens in the fog of WWI fields. And now it's coming

Thusday Quotables – Dulce et Decorum Est

The hideous miasma rolled along the shattered landscape. The Germans tried to outrun it, but they were too slow. The mist enveloped them. They floundered, limbs waving, their twisted, mannered figures reeling through it, the…

DULCE ET DECORUM EST (John Paul Catton) In the fields of WWI an enemy arises more terrible than anyone could ever imagine

Dulce at Decorum Est

One morsel review: a dieselpunk story set right on the fields of WWI, with a great atmosphere, a definitely noir mood, but maybe too distant characters. Dulce et Decorum Est John Paul Catton ————————————————————- Genre:…

LOOKING 'EM OVER (James T. Farrell) - A day on the beach. Boys trying to get with girls, but girls seem to be a lot smarter (from the collection of short stories "Chicago Stories")

Thusday Quotables – Looking ‘Em Over

They crossed the sidewalk to stand in front of the new Ford. The space to its left was vacant, and a Chrysler, driven by a tall, burning blonde in purple, was driven into it. She…

THE COCKTAIL BOOK (Ross Bolton) - A collection of cocktail recipes from the Prohibition Era

Thursday Quotable – The Cocktail Book

It was here that Peggy surrendered to her lover. And here it was that after a proper and reasonable time spent in the due dalliance due to such occasion, she mixed for him this most…

THE COCKTAIL BOOK (Ross Bolton) A recipes book from 1926 with the most popular cocktails and how to mix them

The Cocktail Book

One morsel review: Anastatic reproduztion of a 1926 book, this is a collection of recipes of cocktails popular in the Twenties. Fun to own. The Cocktail Book A Sideboard Manual for Gentlemen Ross Bolton —————————————…

Pablo Picasso - Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist


Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. – Pablo Picasso

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