June 2015

steampunk cinderella - In the original Brother Grimm's story, Cinderella was a witch

Steampunk Cinderella

“Father, break off for me the first branch which knocks against your hat on your way home.” So he bought beautiful dresses, pearls and jewels for his two step-daughters, and on his way home, as…

STREET SCENE (James T. Farrelll) Thsi is part of Jame's Farrrell's collection "Chicago Stories" and is a surprisingly vivid portrayal of life in suburbian Chicago

Thursday Quotables – Street Scene

A burly, red-faced policeman pushed his way through the growing crowd. He looked at the old man. Who met his gaze with innocent eyes. “What’s wrong?” the policeman asked. “Hello, officer.” The policeman looked at…

HOW TO SPEAK NOIR (film trailer) - Noir has a language all of its own. Come hear some of it

How to Speak Noir

Sometimes last year, I stumbled upon this clip on YouTube, and I really enjoyed it. Only later, did I discover this is a trailer from an actual film, Hotel Noir. I’ll say the truth, I…

BROKEN TIME BLUES (Ed. by Jaym Gates & Erika Holt) Although published only in 2011, this anthology of dieselpunk astories is already a classic of the genre. It presents example of what dieselpunk can offer to readers and writers

Broken Time Blues

One morsel review: Published in 2011, this anthology is already considered a must read for any dieselpunk enthusiast… and with reasons. Broken Time Blues Edited by Jaym Gates & Erika Holt ——————————————- Genre: Dieselpunk —————————————— Twelve…

THE CHEMIST (Chris Blewitt) Inspired by a true story, Charlie White leads a simple life in 1920's Philadelphia, but the workings of Prohibition will soon put him face to face with a hard decision

Thursday Quotables – The Chemist

“Whatchu need today?” he asked in his think Italian accent. Charlie walked closer to him, careful not to put his hands on the blood streaked counter where Carlo slices and dices the various meets. He…

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