1920s Life

THE DAMNED AND THE BEAUTIFUL (Paula S. Fass) An in-deapth examination of the social phenomenon of the rise of youth. How it happened, what it brought about, who these new young people were

The Damned and the Beautiful

One morsel review: Well-informed dissertation about life of the new youth of the Roaring Twenties. Maybe a bit too wordy, but very interesting. The Damned and the Beautiful American Youth in the 1920s   Paula…

THE JAZZ REVOLUTION (Kathy J. Ogren) A truly interesting, in-depth examination of early jazz and its social impact

The Jazz Revolution

One morsel review: The history of very early jazz in the U.S., spanning roughly from 1890s to 1920s, alongside very interesting insight into what these music meant on a social and artistic level. Fantastic. The…

ANXIOUS DECADES (Michael E. Perrish) A very good, essential but complete guide to the American inter-war years. A great book to get a sense of the time

Anxious Decades

  One morsel review: A comprehensive introduction to the 1920s and 1930s in the U.S. covering all aspects of life, if just shortly. Essential to get a first taste for these two era of transformation…

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