Give in to the Feeling First Bookversary

GIVE IN TO THE FEELING by Sarah Zama - Chicago 1924. Arriving to America, Susie thought she found everything she never dared to dreamed of in China. But only when she meets Blood, she realises the freedom to dress as she wants, make up her face, drink and smoke and dance is just a little part of the freedom she yearns for

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been absent for so long. Truth be told, my laptop had a problem and I was without it for nearly twenty days. Yeah, I had my mobile and I tried to stay in touch through that… but let me tell you I just can’t do that. It drove me crazy.

But I’m back and just in time for – guess what! – Give in to the Feeling first bookversary!!!!!!

Can you imagine it’s already a year since my baby went into the world? It’s been a rollercoaster of a year (and not just because of the book…), it was exciting at times and – I won’t hide it – very disappointing at others, but I still want to celebrate this little milestone with you. So, just for today, grab Give in to the Feeling for FREE. And when you read it, just spare two minutes for me and let me know what you thought about it. Really anything, good and bad, I’d love to hear it. And if you feel like writing a review, you’ll make me one happy author.

You know? I think I’d should do something to celebrate by bookversary, something that will refresh my darling book. So, since I truly hate my current blurb, why not write a new one? Maybe because I suck at writing blurb? Well… you have a point. But maybe you fell like giving me an hand at this? I’d appreciate your opinion, really I would.
Here’s my new blurb (well, my working new blurb). What do you think?

Give in to the Feeling (Sarah Zama) - Like that first night, he took her hand across the space between them. Unlike that first night, he didn't let go


Chicago 1924

When Susie arrived from China two years ago, her life unexpectedly changed radically. Simon gave her everything she once barely dared to dream of: a lush carefree life, the New Woman’s freedom to dance, dress daringly and behave as she pleases.
Susie never imagined she would one day want even more, until one night she meets Blood in Simon’s speakeasy and he offers her a dance and his value for her feelings and thoughts.

But she’s still Simon’s woman and he won’t allow her to forget it.

As she fights off her love for Blood, Susie realises the life Simon has given her is just an illusion, but it’s still everything she has and she owns it to him. In the clash between the two men’s personalities, the veil of reality falls and Susie can see right into the spirit world, where not just her heart, but her very soul is at stack. Then she has to choose whether what she really wants is Simon’s safe comfortable golden cage or Blood’s unknown intangible freedom.

I’m undecided about the second half most of all. I can’t decide whether I want to include a reference to the speculative nature of the story or not. On the one hand, I think it’s fair that the reader knows there is a speculative twist, because many readers would gladly read a historical novel, but not a fantasy one. But on the other hand, hard as I try, I can’t seem to be able to include that aspect of the story and not make a mess of the blurb.
Tell, me, tell me everything you think!



If you fancy to get the book, here’s where you’ll find it. Once again, Give in to the Feeling isn’t on Amazon, but Kindle reader can still get a .mobi file via Smashwords

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Hope you’ll have a go at my story

About the Author

I was born, raised and I still live near Verona (Italy), though I worked for a time in Dublin. I started writing fantasy stories as a kid. Today I’m a bookseller who reads fantasy, history, mythology, anthropology and lots of speculative fiction. Somehow, all of this has found its way into my own dieselpunk stories.

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  1. Congratulations! It’s so exciting to have a book out there, isn’t it? I am sorry, though, to hear about your laptop problems. That’s so annoying when you’re trying to keep in touch with everyone. I’m glad it’s all sorted now.

  2. I think you are right to mention the speculative aspect but personally I would miss off the last sentence which feels to me a bit of an anticlimax after “her soul is at stake”. (NB – typo, you have stack! Also, further up she owes it not owns it.)
    Anabel recently posted…Glasgow Gallivanting: February 2017My Profile

    • Thanks so much for pointing out the typos, Anabel. I’m terrible with those, even in Italian…

      And you have a point with that last sentence. I am going to lose it 🙂

  3. Congrats on your bookversary! 😉

    Here’s my analysis: The speculative/paranormal part of the blurb does feel a bit like it’s tacked on as an after-thought. My suggestion is to write the blurb for your ideal reader or your target audience. Is this story for fans of historical fiction? Or for fans of dieselpunk or paranormal fiction? Obviously, you’re wanting to reach fans of both, but think about who you are primarily trying to reach. If you want the blurb (and the book) to appeal to fans of dieselpunk/fantasy/paranormal/speculative fiction, then you should put more emphasis on that element in the blurb. Fans of straight historical fiction (who might be wanting something fully realistic, with no paranormal elements) might be scared away by a blurb written for the dieselpunk fans. However, there should be some hint about the paranormal element, so that readers of historical are not shocked (and potentially angered) by the speculative twist.

    I don’t know if any of that helped. 😛 I’m not great at writing blurbs. Also, I have a confession – I bought your book some months ago, but I still haven’t read it. I know! :-/ It’s now at the top of my to-be-read list, though. I have a stack of historical and dieselpunk stories waiting to be read – I was waiting until I finished writing some other projects first (regular historical ficiton, and science fiction). Now that I’ve begun my own dieselpunk stories, I’m ready to dive into reading others’ work!

    • You know, pinning down my ideal reader has been a real trouble. Historical and speculative elements are equally important in all of my stories. I once read a post from a prominent agent who said if you have a dominant genre and a flavouring one, that’s good. If you have two dominant genre, that’s bad. I suppose that’s my main problem.

      But in the end, I think that, because there ARE speculative elements, I should at least write the blurb for a reader of speculative fiction and let historical readers decide by themselves whether the historical elements are enough for them.

      Thanks so much for the comment, it was very helpful 🙂

  4. Hi, Sarah! Well, I’m not a writer, just a reader. I agree with Anabel if you go with the one you have written. Personally, I like reading fiction that has a setting that is extremely historically accurate. It always gives me a feeling I really went to that time and place. When you sat down to write this book, which story propelled you as you typed? It’s obvious you have a heart for historical accuracy. But would you have written the book if it didn’t have the speculative twist? I could be off the mark, but to me your heart is in the speculative and your head says it must be accurate in detail. I think you just fell in love with the roaring twenties as you researched. Hope I didn’t just make things messier for you. – Is there a version of the book I can view on my Windows laptop? I don’t have any readers or pads. I still read my books in print.
    Barbara In Caneyhead recently posted…A New Approach to PurposeMy Profile

    • You hit a mark, there, Barbara. No, the story wouldn’t even exist without the speculative element, that’s why I’ve always thought to it as fantasy.
      I’m very happy I posted the blurb, you guys are invaluable.

      And between you and me, Barbara, I haven’t updated the price yet (will do it tonight), so if you head over to Smashwords you’ll be able to download a PDF file of the book. I’m not sure, but I think that, being the book free at the moment, you can download it even without being logged in.

  5. Happy Bookversary! (Somewhat belated.) Give in to the Feeling is a good story. You should be proud of it!

    Blurbs are such tricky things. Here’s my opinion, for whatever it’s worth. I like the first paragraph, though I do think it’s a bit over-worded. I took the liberty to cut out some extraneous words, which seems to be a perverse obsession of mine in regards to blurbs. What do you think of this, though?

    “When Susie arrived from China two years ago, her life changed radically. Simon gave her everything: a lush carefree life, the New Woman’s freedom to dance, dress daringly and behave as she pleases.
    Susie never imagined she would want more, until one night she meets Blood in Simon’s speakeasy.”

    Says the same thing, only more concisely, which I think is important in blurbage. After this, though, the issues go beyond trimming some words. I think you are over-explaining in the last paragraph. “Then she has to choose whether what she really wants is Simon’s safe comfortable golden cage or Blood’s unknown intangible freedom.” This is the meat of Susie’s problem right here. This is her struggle, and this is what you should be highlighting at this point. Why not try going directly there?

    “But there is more to Blood than just a dance partner, and Susie must choose between them. Will she choose love over loyalty? Or will the conflict between the two men result in Susie losing her soul?”

    That’s a very rough, off-the-top-of-my-head idea of the direction I (personally) think you should take, but just don’t word it like that as it’s horrible. But it focuses on the struggle Susie is facing rather than details of her circumstance. It also hints at some supernatural stuff, which I think would be enough. Anyway, that’s my two-cents worth! Good luck with it, and I’m definitely feeling your pain. 😉

    • Hi Sara and thaqtnks for your help. Very appreciated. I like your rewording of the first paragraph. I’ll probbaly go for soemthing like that.

      As for the second part of the blurb, that’s where I’m wreaking my head. I can’t decide how much to reveal, and so on what I should concentrate. But of course you’re right, I should focus on Susie’s confliect rather than her circumstances. More on her decision, right?

      So, I’m back to work 🙂

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