“Give in to the Feeling” goes live!

Give in to the Feeling (Sarah Zama)


Today’s the day!

Yes, finally it has come. It’s been a long journey and I hope it will still be a long one (paved with success, you know, I’m stating it, just in case).

Honestly, I don’t know how I feel. Having a story published under my name has been a dream I’ve pursued for so many years that now I really don’t know how I feel. And I would have never imagined it would happen this way… I mean, up to a few years ago, this would have never been even possible.

So, go into the world, my little story. I’ve given you everything I could, but I’m confident that you have a chance. I’ll look after you, don’t worry.

I know you are eager to know where to get it, all you guys here assembled (ehm… helloooo! Anybody there???) Links are below.

So… now I’m getting seriously nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give in to the Feeling (Instagram)

Smashwords | Barnes&Nobles | Kobo | iBook Store

And many other online retailers

Yes, I know Kindle isn’t there. I’m not offering the book through Amazon at the moment. But don’t worry, you Kindle lovers! Smashwords offers the possibility to download the book in many different formats, including Kindle’s .mobi So, if you own a Kindle reader and you want to read my book, head right here.

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