AN ENCOUNTER a short story from DUBLINERS (James Joyce) Joyce's first major work, written when he was only twenty-five, brought his city to the world for the first time. His stories are rooted in the rich detail of Dublin life, portraying ordinary, often defeated lives with unflinching realism.

Thursday Quotables – An Encounter

In the morning I was first-comer to the bridge as I lived nearest. I hid my books in the long grass near the ashpit at the end of the garden where nobody ever came and…

Gang Roundup - December 2016 - What's happening around the net involving dieselpunk, 1920s and noir

Gang Roundup – Dicember 2016

How is it that is already December???? I don’t know about you, but this year flew away for me. Was it a good year for you? It was a mixed bag for me, with a…

International Dieselpunk Day 2016 - The history of Rudolf Diesel, who invented the diesel engine and whose name has inspired a genre

International Dieselpunk Day 2016

So then, I know I’ve virtually disappeared. NaNoWriMo has literally swallowed me this year. And it’s even not going as well as I’d like. If I won’t be doing doing overtime – as I did…

TIME AND REGRET (M.K. Todd) - A novel with a dueal timeline: Martin takes part to WWI, which will change his life forever. In 1991, Grace, Martin's granddaughter, tries to solve a mystery happened during the war

Thursday Quotables – Time and Regret

Martin nodded but said nothing. He was worried that decreasing visibility from the rain and sleet would hamper their efforts. German barrages still concentrated on positions they’d left more than an hour ago, but it…

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (full film) - A short version (about 10 minutes) from 1910

A Merry Ghostly Christmas to you

The funniest memory I have about A Christmas Carol comes from my days in Dublin. I worked in a café and one night close to Christmas I and other three Italians were closing the shop…

International Dieselpunk Day 2015 - A day to celebrate dieselpunk and waht it expresses and offers to readers

International Dieselpunk Day 2015

It’s only the third time this happens and it is the first I’m aware of it, but I feel like celebrating. 12th November is International Dieselpunk Day. You can read last year’s celebration post on…

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