THE GHOST OF THE RATH (Rosa Mulholland) Twelve Irish Ghost Stories - A classic gothic story with a great setting and atmosphere

Thursday Quotables – The Ghost of the Rath

After a few intolerable moments I felt better, but the heavy air pressed on me stiflingly and I rushed from the inner room into the larger and outer chamber. Here a blast of cool air…

Plotting your novel as a panters - Confession: I’m definitely a planner after I’ve written the first draft, but before I write it? I’m an hopeless pantser

Plotting Your Novel as a Pantser

And so, it’s that time of the year again. November. Which means: NaNoWriMo! I’ve been taking part in NaNo almost every year since 2005 (I just skipped a couple of years), and still every year…

Building and author site - 4 options - How to organise your author site and what to take into account when making a decision about it

Sarah Zama Official Website… Oh my!

  Yeah, I know, I created an official website last February, before I launched my book, but honestly, that was never the website I wanted. Here’s the story: I love my blog. I really do….

Zest (Jazz Age Jazz Series) The soul of jazz was the soul of the Roaring Twenties: free of expression, hunger for life

Zest (AtoZ Challenge 2016 – Jazz Age Jazz)

In psychology, zest and vitality are combination of the physical sense and the psychological sense of feeling well. Zest is about exhibiting enthusiasm and feeling energised. In the 1920s, this was exactly what jazz was…

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