Gang Roundup - March 2017 - A collection of posts about the 1920s, dieselpunk and a sprinkle of film noir

Gang Roundup – March 2017

Welcome to another gang roundup! Because of my two weeks without the laptop, I feard this roundup was going to be quite thin. Instead it turned out quite nice, don’t you think? Dieselpunk Lexicon Part…

Kilmainham Gaol - Always one of the most advanced prison in the British Empire, during the Indipendence fight of th ebeginnign of the 1900s Kilmainham becaem a simbol of the freedom of Ireland

Kilmainham Gaol: 150 Years of Irish History

I visited Kilmainham Goal the first time in 1998 and the place never really left me. So when I visited with my friends last year I knew I wanted to bring them there. I know…

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (full film) - A short version (about 10 minutes) from 1910

A Merry Ghostly Christmas to you

The funniest memory I have about A Christmas Carol comes from my days in Dublin. I worked in a café and one night close to Christmas I and other three Italians were closing the shop…

Pictures from Ireland - A book of photoes from my recent visit to Ireland: Dublin, Limerik, Cliffs of Moher, Rock of Cashel

Pictures from Ireland

Hi guys, I’m back! What you mean you didn’t notice I was gone???? Well, yes, I spent nine days in Ireland with three friends and I enjoyed it a lot. Can’t say it was the…

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