1940s Film Noir - BERLIN (AtoZ Challenge 2017) - In the 1920s in Germany arose a national cinema of international influence and its own language: Expressionism

Berlin (1940s Film Noir – #AtoZChallenge)

While Hollywood was the hotbed of filmmaking, especially in the 1920s and 1930s (when there was the absolute major output of featured film in the history of the American film industry), on the other side…

The Pavement - A short film noir with a very strong storyline

The Pavement – A Very Disquieting Short Film Noir

This is a short film produced by director Taylor Engel for the Spoiled Short Film Festival. It is only 3 minutes long, but it manages to tell a story with a lot of depth by…

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (full film) - A short version (about 10 minutes) from 1910

A Merry Ghostly Christmas to you

The funniest memory I have about A Christmas Carol comes from my days in Dublin. I worked in a café and one night close to Christmas I and other three Italians were closing the shop…

STREGA UNBOUND (short dieselpunk film) - WWII as we know it might not be the entire story

Strega Unbound

Hey guys, today I’m sharing another dieselpunk short film. It isn’t all that easy finding dieselpunk films, and apparently it’s even harder finding information about them. This one was produced by Day 304 Productions and…

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