Ghost Trilogy

Give in to the Feeling (Sarah Zama) - Like that first night, he took her hand across the space between them. Unlike that first night, he didn't let go

Media Kit

I’ll be uploading a PDF file of the media kit shortly   The Author Sarah Zama’s Bio SHORT BIO Bookseller in Verona (Italy), Sarah Zama has always lived surrounded by books. Always a fantasy reader…

No Picture


  When I dance to jazz music, I feel free – Susie I love jazz. Why? I don’t know. It doesn’t sound like anything familiar to me, still when I listen to it and especially…

SENEAD O'FLANAGAN - Meet my main character. A bonecaster and healer, she tries to keep her traditional self in a new world that mistrust her

Sinéad O’Flanagan – Meet my main character

Last month Lyssa Layne interviewed one of my characters’ for her Saturday Morning Characters ongoing series. It was great fun for me, and I was so pleased with the result I asked Lyssa permission to repost…

Welcome to the Old Shelter - My nook in the internet, where I blog about Life in the 1920s and dieselpunk culture

Welcome to the Old Shelter

I started working on the project of a speculative story set in Chicago in the Twenties late in 2009. The story was very different back then. Actually, that part of story is still in embryo…

DIESELPUNK 1920s as if you belonged there - The fantastical side and the historical side of dieselpunk. That's what I share on my blog

My Stories

GIVE IN TO THE FEELING A 1920s Novella   Chicago 1924 When Susie dances with Blood in Simon’s speakeasy, she discovers there’s a new world beyond the things she owns and the things she’s allowed…

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