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UNDERWORLD (Try it, you'll like it! Blogathon) A beautifully expressionisnt film, it's considered one fo the first gangster movie

Underworld (Try It, You’ll Like It Blogathon)

This post is part of the “Try It, You’ll Like It!” Blogathon, hosted by Sister Celluloid and Movies Silently, where we write about “gateway films” that might bring non-classic-film lovers into the fold! For all the entries,…

A Rage in Harlem (Chester Himes) The first of the Domestic Harlem Detective Stories, this is a fast pace, slightly surreal haist thriller. Fantaistically realistic language, packed full of action, unforgettable characters. This is one of the best of the series

Thursday Quotables – A Rage in Harlem

“Don’t take them in the house, Digger. I’ll send them out.” “Are they all together?” “All? There’s only two here now. Hank and Jodie.” “Slim ought to be here too,” Imabelle said in a breathless…

International Dieselpunk Day 2015 - A day to celebrate dieselpunk and waht it expresses and offers to readers

International Dieselpunk Day 2015

It’s only the third time this happens and it is the first I’m aware of it, but I feel like celebrating. 12th November is International Dieselpunk Day. You can read last year’s celebration post on…

THE CRASH (Hugh J O'Donnell) Terry O'Byrne always solves his cases and there's a reason why: he can see far more than any others. People's life has no secret to him

Thursday Quotables – The Crash

“Sharp Terry O’Byrne, thanks for coming. I’ve got one hell of a problem, and I thought you could help me out.” Willy pumped my hand, then the weariness returned. “What’s the problem?” I asked. I…

HOW TO SPEAK NOIR (film trailer) - Noir has a language all of its own. Come hear some of it

How to Speak Noir

Sometimes last year, I stumbled upon this clip on YouTube, and I really enjoyed it. Only later, did I discover this is a trailer from an actual film, Hotel Noir. I’ll say the truth, I…

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