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Thursday Quotables – An Encounter

In the morning I was first-comer to the bridge as I lived nearest. I hid my books in the long grass near the ashpit at the end of the garden where nobody ever came and…

Human (Nuala O'Faolain) "Do the thing that's less passive. Do the active thing. There's more of the human in that."

Human (Nuala O’Faolain)

Do the thing that’s less passive. Do the active thing. There’s more of the human in that. Nuala O’Faolain     —————————————————————————————————————- This post is part of the Ireland Reading Month organised by 746 Books…

THE GHOST OF THE RATH (Rosa Mulholland) Twelve Irish Ghost Stories - A classic gothic story with a great setting and atmosphere

Thursday Quotables – The Ghost of the Rath

After a few intolerable moments I felt better, but the heavy air pressed on me stiflingly and I rushed from the inner room into the larger and outer chamber. Here a blast of cool air…

LETTING GO (Ali Isaac) Irish lore, ghosts, coming to terms with the past

Thursday Quotables – Letting Go

She strides towards me, gathering form as she approaches. Her feet sink just below the surface, kicking up tiny splashes with each step. I should be afraid, but I’ve shifted beyond fear. When she stops,…

Childhood of the Morrigan (fantasy) - The Morrigan is most well known as an Irish Goddess who appears in crow or raven form, and is associated with battle, warriors, sovereignty, prophecy, and Otherworld power


“Rising up into the air, they took to the sky and flew. From west and beyond west, into the wind and through it, they came past countless moons and suns. One laughed and briefly wore…

STUDS (James T. Farrell) From the collection, "Chicago Stories", this is the story where Farrell's most famous character, Studs Lonigan, was created

Thursday Quotables – Studs

For Studs will be miserable in Heaven, more miserable than he was on those Sunday nights when he would hang around the old poolroom at Fifty-eight and the elevated station, waiting for something to happen….

STREET SCENE (James T. Farrelll) Thsi is part of Jame's Farrrell's collection "Chicago Stories" and is a surprisingly vivid portrayal of life in suburbian Chicago

Thursday Quotables – Street Scene

A burly, red-faced policeman pushed his way through the growing crowd. He looked at the old man. Who met his gaze with innocent eyes. “What’s wrong?” the policeman asked. “Hello, officer.” The policeman looked at…

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