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Suspense (1940s Film Noir – #AtoZChallenge)

Suspense is a very different mode of narration than the detective story. Whereas the detective traditionally represents a stabilising element in the narration (he brings stability and truth where the criminal act had brought instability…

Gang Roundup - February 2017 - A collection of posts about dieselpunk and history, plus some books and videos

Gang Roundup – February 2017

Had a lot of fun with the Gang Roundup in January, guys! Lot’s a good posts to share. I have to warn you that this roundup leans dangerously on the dieselpunk sid, but I do…

Gang Roundup - November 2016 - What's happening around the net involving dieselpunk, 1920s and noir

Gang Roundup – November 2016

  So, who’s doing NaNoWrimo? I am… trying… But in the meantime, I’ve discovered some good stuff to share with you.   Movie Review: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow When it comes to…

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