Gang Roundup - January 2017 - What's happening around the net involving dieselpunk, 1920s and noir

Gang Roundup – January 2017

Here we are, the first post of the year and it’s going to be a collection. You know, I’m still going to figure out what I’ll write for this blog this year. I do have…

DRAGON FLY (Charles A. Cornell) - A young woman with the fate of a nation in her hands. An aircraft designed by science, fueled by magic and flown with passion. A World War re-imagined like never before

Thursday Quotables – DragonFly

We waited for dawn to arrive. I began to shiver even though my sheepskin jacket repelled the crisp sea air. I was leaning into Peter for warmth when I heard a voice say, “Don’t be…

STREGA UNBOUND (short dieselpunk film) - WWII as we know it might not be the entire story

Strega Unbound

Hey guys, today I’m sharing another dieselpunk short film. It isn’t all that easy finding dieselpunk films, and apparently it’s even harder finding information about them. This one was produced by Day 304 Productions and…

BROKEN TIME BLUES (Ed. by Jaym Gates & Erika Holt) Although published only in 2011, this anthology of dieselpunk astories is already a classic of the genre. It presents example of what dieselpunk can offer to readers and writers

Broken Time Blues

One morsel review: Published in 2011, this anthology is already considered a must read for any dieselpunk enthusiast… and with reasons. Broken Time Blues Edited by Jaym Gates & Erika Holt ——————————————- Genre: Dieselpunk —————————————— Twelve…

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