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Story Magic

Historical Fantasy, Creative Writing Coaching and Web Wizardry


Historical Fantasy

I write fantasy story historically set in the 1920s.


Cretive Writing

I give you the creative writing tools to write your story


Web Copywriting

I find word to express your business online


Historical Fantasy

I write fantasy story historically set in the 1920s.


Creative writing

I give you the creative writing tools to craft your story.


Web Copywriting

I find words to express your business online

Hi, I'm Sarah

I believe stories are powerful.

They are as powerful as magic spells.
They can conjure emotions, and thoughts, and experiences.
Neuroscience tells us that our mind doesn’t quite distinguish a life experience from a story.
That’s how powerful stories are.
And I believe that all of us have stories inside ourselves, and I love to help people find the way to tell their stories.
Sometimes I give them the tools so they can do it.
Sometimes I give them my experience so that I can write their stories.
And sometimes, I just share the stories that are born inside myself.
If there’s any way I can help you, let’s get in touch!

A life-long love relation with storyteling.

When I started writing stories, my dad came to me.

I remember it clearly. We were in our living room. He sat on the leather armchair in the corner. I sat on one of his legs. My notebook was open on his other.

“Why did you do it?” he asked me. I think he was shocked. I was confused.

It was a story about talking animals, so hen he basked me, “Is it because you love animals?”

I do love animals, and I knew in that children’s special way that my dad needed an answer, so I nodded, even if that wasn’t the answer.

I was nine, and that was a tough one.

Even today, I’m not sure I can answer that question.

All I know is that during the few periods I was unable to write, I was a wreck.

So I write.

It makes me feel good.

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Creative Writing

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The Great War is a compelling read. Chilling, fascinating, controversial; Sarah Zama has brushed back the well-trodden ground of battles and statistics to bring a fresh look at the impact of the war on the people caught up in its deadly grip. 

One mark of a great story is that it stays with you and keeps you thinking and revisiting it even after you are finished reading. This is such a story! I find myself thinking about it days later. 

Sharilyn DecterSharilyn DecterAuthor of 1920s storiesLouis HenkeLouis HenkeReader