May 2014

Dieselpunk Me

I own a shop over on Etsy. I make jewellery with a steampunk twist. On Etsy, you have the possibility to do what they call treasuries and are basically collections of items. These treasuries are…

ANXIOUS DECADES (Michael E. Perrish) A very good, essential but complete guide to the American inter-war years. A great book to get a sense of the time

Anxious Decades

  One morsel review: A comprehensive introduction to the 1920s and 1930s in the U.S. covering all aspects of life, if just shortly. Essential to get a first taste for these two era of transformation…

Welcome to the Old Shelter - My nook in the internet, where I blog about Life in the 1920s and dieselpunk culture

Welcome to the Old Shelter

I started working on the project of a speculative story set in Chicago in the Twenties late in 2009. The story was very different back then. Actually, that part of story is still in embryo…

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