June 2014

WINTER IN THE BLOOD (film trailer) - based on the novel by James Welch, Winter in the Blood follows Virgil (Chaske Spencer), an alcoholic miscreant with a frowned-upon mixed-race heritage whose struggles of assimilation into both white and Native American society inform his debaucherous behavior

Winter in the Blood

I first heard about the film from Winter in the Blood late in 2011, when I first read the book. At the time, it was still been filmed. Because I liked the book so much…

WINTER IN THE BLOOD (James Welch) - A young Native American Men goes on a metaphorical journey in search of his true self. The world around him mixes meaningless consummerist offering with traditional ways that feel so far away

Thursday Quotable – Winter in the Blood

The old woman imagined that the girl was Cree and enemy and plotted ways to slit her throat. One day, the flint striker would do; another day she favored the paring knife she kept hidden…

THE HOT DRY SPELL (Rae Lori) In 1920s Chicago, the underworld rages with the war between fea and warewolves. A woman gets trapped inside it

The Hot Dry Spell

One morsel review: Fantastic setting – a speakeasy where fae and werewolves meet and fight in the underworld of Chicago – if with characters that lack just that extra spank to really shine. The Hot…

Sherman Alexie - You can’t sustain anger. You become bitter. Nothing’s going to change. Anger leads to resentment, then to spiking your orange juice, then to martyrdom

Anger (Sherman Alexie)

You can’t sustain [anger].  You become bitter.  Nothing’s going to change.  Anger leads to resentment, then to spiking your orange juice, then to martyrdom. – Sherman Alexie      

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