July 2014

A.J. Sikes - Guest Post - Author of Gods of Chicago tells about writing dieselpunk and the future of his dieselpunk world

AJ Sikes – Guest Post

After my review of his dieselpunk novel Gods of Chicago, Aaron Sikes was so kind as to write a follow up article about how this sotry was born and what his plans for hte future…

MEDICINE RIVER (Thomas King) - When Will goes back to the reservation for his mother's funeral, he has no intention to stay. But there's something there that will just never let him go

Thursday Quotable – Medicine River

“That’s strange, Will. Can’t imagine Harlen missing this.” Neither could I. Harlen went to everything. He went to all the powwow. He went to all the funerals. He went to all the weddings, the births…

GODS OF CHICAGO (A.J. Sikes) Veteran of WWI and popular newshawk Mitchell Brant goes after a plot to conquire Chicago City to an obsure power

Gods of Chicago

One morsel review: A fast-paced, dark adventure in a city ruled by a dark, faceless power. Claustrophobic setting, lot of action, characters with a lot of potential. Gods of Chicago Noir Urban Fantasy AJ Sikes…

Guest Post - Rae Lori - Author of The Hot Dry Spells talks about her future project and the sequell to the story of 1920s Chicago with fae and werewolves

Rae Lori – Guest Post

I posted a review of Rae’s dieselpunk story The Hot Dry Spell a while ago. She was so kind as to write a guest post about her future plans for the series. Here she goes….

Five Rules of Noir

This is a BBC documentary that was aired in 2009. I find it very nice, and I loved the tons of footage you can find in here. I was also very interested in learning about…

THE JAZZ REVOLUTION (Kathy J. Ogren) A truly interesting, in-depth examination of early jazz and its social impact

The Jazz Revolution

One morsel review: The history of very early jazz in the U.S., spanning roughly from 1890s to 1920s, alongside very interesting insight into what these music meant on a social and artistic level. Fantastic. The…

THE REAL COOL KILLERS (Chester Himes) - When a group of punks kidnapped Coffin Ed's daughter, they really didn't know what big trouble they were getting into.

Thursday Quotables – The Real Cool Killers

She was as tall as his six feet two, with snow white hair cut short as a man’s and brushed straight back from her forehead. Her lips were painted carnation red and her eyelids silver…

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