February 2015

THE REIGN OF DEATH (short dieselpunk film) - In a noir, shadowy alternate London, a detective chases a robot who might be a murderer

A dash of noir mood – The Reign of Death (film)

In 2009, Matthew Savege (The Dark Knight, X-Men: First Class, Doctor Who, among others) wrote and directed this short film featuring Noel Clarke (Doctor Who) in the lead role. The film toured the whole UK…

SPEAKEASY (A.M. Dunnewin) Eddie has lost his wife and his life has changed forever. And it's going to change again

Past won’t stay behind – Speakeasy (book review)

One morsel review: Fun, fast-paced story full of mystery and action. And set in Prohibition Era New York City, always a bonus for me! Speakeasy A.M. Dunnewin ———————————— Genre: historical ———————————— Eddie learns a hitman…

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