May 2015

The sould of the Univers

The soul of the universe

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

THE WISE MAN SAYS (Bard Constantine) In this introductory short story we meet Mick as a newly christened amnesiac, who has to quickly learn the ropes of living in the dystopian city of New Haven. Good thing he has a friend in Theodore Wiseman, the resident Troubleshooter who shows Mick the only way to make it in the city is to shoot first and ask questions afterward

Thursday Quotables – The Wise Man Says

Zeppelins claimed the highest airlines in the city, so the view was pretty spectacular. Air traffic whipped by beneath us as the floaters whizzed to their destinations, and beneath that was the city itself: towering…

10 Favourite Scree Characters - It's a challenge. What are you 10 favourite characters from films and tv series, and why?

10 Favourite Screen Characters

Back in March, Crispian Thurlborn tagged me for this challenge to list my 10 favourite screen characters. Because I was already very busy with the AtoZ Challenge, I couldn’t do it right away, but now here…

Long Long Shadow (Unwoman) Official video of the song... looking very dieselpunk

Long Long Shadow (music video)

I’ve discovered Unwoman thanks to Aaron Sikes, who mentioned her on Twitter. It’s true that dieselpunk is a visual genre above all. Most of it is created by comics, illustrations and films. One of the…

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