January 2017

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017 - Ennio Trivellin isn’t a Jew. He was interned in the concentration camp because of his political activity in Verona. But I’d like to speak about what he told us that night because he’s still a living memory of what happened in those places (WWII, Austria)

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017

Last May I helped in the organization of a book festival here in the province of Verona, and I had the opportunity to take part to a very special event: Ennio Trivellin’s conference, who’s a…

Gang Roundup - January 2017 - What's happening around the net involving dieselpunk, 1920s and noir

Gang Roundup – January 2017

Here we are, the first post of the year and it’s going to be a collection. You know, I’m still going to figure out what I’ll write for this blog this year. I do have…

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