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Magestic Giant of the Air - CW Hawes - Guest Post - Flying on an liner airship was an experience unlike any other, one that is lost to us today. Author CW Hawes, expert and great lover of airships, tries to give us a taste of it

Majestic Giants of the Air

CW Hawes is one of the most faithful 8 Sentence Sunday on Dieselpunks partecipants. I may even have met him on the thread… though I really don’t remember. I think to him as one of…

A.J. Sikes - Guest Post - Author of Gods of Chicago tells about writing dieselpunk and the future of his dieselpunk world

AJ Sikes – Guest Post

After my review of his dieselpunk novel Gods of Chicago, Aaron Sikes was so kind as to write a follow up article about how this sotry was born and what his plans for hte future…

Guest Post - Rae Lori - Author of The Hot Dry Spells talks about her future project and the sequell to the story of 1920s Chicago with fae and werewolves

Rae Lori – Guest Post

I posted a review of Rae’s dieselpunk story The Hot Dry Spell a while ago. She was so kind as to write a guest post about her future plans for the series. Here she goes….

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