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Susie has never thought she might want something different from the lush, carefree life Simon has offered her, but when Blood walks into Simon’s speakeasy, he brings a completely new world of self-expression to her. And a fight that breaks through the walls of life into the spirit world.

Some things the characters never revealed in the story. Come discover them!


A story of loss and finds. Of friendships, secrets and discoveries, mixed in the jazzy smoke of speakeasies and the streets of the Black Belt of Chicago at the height of the Jazz Age.

(Work in Progres)

Sinéad O’Flanagan

When I left Ireland, I left nothing behind. I’m the last of my family, a family of midwives and healers.
When I came to Chicago, everything was new and different, but I thought maybe it should be this way. Maybe my path was to build a new life in a New World.
Life is so strange, you know? It has the weirdest way to guide you.

Interview with Sinéad
Who is Sinéad
Sinéad and Michael


A Snow White Retelling Set in 1920s Germany – People may get lost in the maze. They may also find themselves and their path.

(work in progress)

Ingeborg Weiss

“I never thought Inge would refuse to take down the maze. It’s an evil place. I know. i know better than anyone.”

Grete Weiss

“We are so different, in so many ways. But dad loved her and she loves him. Our love for dad is our strongest bond.”


Ingeborg Weiss

“You have no idea what I’m willing to do for the people and places I love, Lotte. You really don’t.”

Charlotte Sterne

“Don’t play with me, child. It’s more dangerous than you may ever imagine.”



They say the knife was made from a shard of the bones of the Titans before they were exiled deep into the hearth. They say the titan’s malice, and hatred, and jealousy and resentment live in that ancient relic. Ombretta’s task is to find and bring it back… if she survives it.

(still in planning stage)

Ombretta Vivaldi

“I know my worth. It’s hard for a woman to prove it, but I will. Even if it means dirtying my hands. Even if it means delving back into my nightmares. It scares me. But I will do it.”

Ross Harding

“I’m not a noble man. My father, and more so my mother (God rest her soul) believe I am. But I know myself better than they do.”