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Listen to the story

People are fascinated with being a writer because they think they’ll be in control.
They think they will build the story the way they like. 

Do you believe so?

I don’t.

I believe writers serve stories.

Stories know how they want to be told.

Authors don’t need to invent or make up anything. They don’t need to be clever. They don’t even need to be unique or remarkable.

What they need to do is listen very carefully and put their skills at the service of what the story wants to tell.

Authors need to be discoverers0

Sarah Zama is a historical fantasy author and a creative writing coach.

“Stories know how they want to be told.”

“A story that is not shared is a violated story. It’s a dead story, snuffed by her author, who should instead strive to let her breathe.

Writing stories, I believe, is an act of respect.”


Sarah Zama

Respect for the story is, in part, respect towards ourselves as writers.

A story will choose us because we inherently share something essential with her, which makes us the best teller.

Instead of trying to find a unique way to tell the story or imitate ways in which other stories have been told successfully, we should focus on sharing the story that presented herself to us and trust that we can tell her in the best way because of the storyteller we are.

Sarah Zama Author and Creative Writing Coach

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