Never get stuck writing your story again

Create a roadmap for your story that will always help you get unstuck.

Starting to write a story may be difficult. But how difficult it is to finish it?
This workbook will help you create a roadmap, a series of essential events that will give you clarity and direction about your plot. In this way, every time you get stuck, you’ll know in which direction to go and going back to writing will be easier.

Image of a tablet displaying the green cover of the 'Story Builder' workbook for authors (a keyboard appears on the cover). The background displays a marble texture e some green leaves. The title reads "Write a story you can finish". This workbook can help overcome writer's block.

What you get

  1. A workbook that will help you pin down what you need to focus on to create the roadmap of your story
  2. Additional insight delivered by email that will further hone your ability to build a solid plot
  3. Tips on the best practices in creating story arcs
  4. An additional checklist

Sarah Zama Author and Creative Writing Coach

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