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Sarah Zama

Historical fantasy author and creative writing coach

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Sarah Zama wrote her first story when she was nine. When she started her job in a bookshop, she became addicted to books discussing storytelling. Today, she’s a dieselpunk author who writes historical fantasy stories set in the 1920s, coaches other writers and nerds about Tolkien. 


Sarah Zama was born in Isola della scala (Verona – Italy) where she still lives. She started writing at nine – blame it over her teacher’s effort to turn her students into readers – and in the 1990s she contributed steadily to magazines and independent publishers on both sides of the Atlantic.

After a pause, in early 2010s she went back to writing with a new mindset. The internet allowed her to get in touch with fellow authors around the globe, hone her writing techniques in online workshops and finally find her home in the dieselpunk community.

Since 2010 she’s been working at a trilogy set in Chicago in 1926, historically as accurate as possible but also (as all her stories are) definitely fantasy. She’s currently seeking representation for the first book in the Ghost Trilogy, Ghostly Smell Around.

In 2016, her first book comes out, Ghosts Through the Cracks (originally entitled Give in to the Feeling).

She’s currently working on two new projects set in 1920s Germany.

She’s worked for QuiEdit, publisher and bookseller in Verona, for the last ten years.

She also maintain a blog, The Old Shelter, where she regularly blogs about the Roaring Twenties and anything dieselpunk.

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