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Murder Mystery Game – The Reveal: I’m Still Waiting

From the game thread:

Dear Museum Colleagues,

While the police are still here conducting their investigation, it appears the commotion earlier this evening has subsided just enough to conclude our Gala with dessert and after dinner drinks in the Museum Rooftop Garden. Please join us outside for a cordial and a decadent assortment of petits fours as we conclude our evening.

Ombretta watches the police leaving the museum grounds. They didn’t find anything, no clue, no lead. The detective glances at her before getting into his car and a shiver goes down Ombretta’s spine. He suspects something.

She goes back into the museum. All the guests are excited, their chit-chatting prinks at Ombretta’s ear, triggering an headache. She decides to go into the office the museum assigned to her earlier on this month. It’s nice and quite here, she can barely ear the noise of the police cars leaving. No voices come this far into the building.

There’s a note waiting for her on the desktop. She stares at it for a long time, her heart pounding, before coming closer and taking it up.

The note reads, “I’m still waiting.”

murder-mystery-and-mayhem-the-reveal (1)


A mystery is always fun. Here are a few things you might want to do with this one

  1. Head over to the Etsy thread of the mystery and see what the other members are up to
  2. Have a look to the other treasuries in the ‘reveal’ stream
  3. And if you’d like to leave a comment in the comment box below, don’t hold back… I won’t suspect you of anything

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