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#MyFirstPostRevisited Blog Hop

Thanks to Sara Letourneau for nominating me for this blog hop. It sounds like so much fun!
In her acceptation post, she says she’s been blogging for eight years. I feel so little, having blogged for just four years. It’s been a great journey, though, and I’m still enjoying it a lot, learning new things every day, meeting awesome people constantly.
I’m happy to celebrate this.

The Rules for the #MyFirstPostRevisited Blog Hop

1. No cheating. You must highlight your first post. Not your second post, not one you love… the first post only.
2. Link back to the person who tagged you (thank them if you feel like it or, if not, curse them with a plague of ladybugs).
3. Cut and paste your old post into a new post or reblog your own bad self. (Either way is fine, but NO editing.)
4. Put the hashtag #MyFirstPostRevisited in your title.
5. Tag five (5) other bloggers to take up this challenge.
6. Notify your tags in the comment section of their blog (don’t just hope they notice a pingback somewhere in their spam).
7. Feel free to cut and paste the badge to use in your post.
8. Include “the rules” in your post.
9. Completely silly rules that I’m making up as I type:
• Write your post while wolfing down your favorite dessert.
• Do 10 cartwheels after you hit “Publish.”

My first blog post – Storyteller

I subscribed to WordPress on 8 March 2013 after much thinking. I’ve always liked the idea of blogging, but for quite a few years, I let it be, because I really thought I had nothing to blog about. I lead a very normal life, I don’t travel much. I still don’t feel like writing about writing, because so many people already do it in such awesome ways. In short, I didn’t think I had anything interesting to share.

But in 2013 I was completing the total rewrite of Ghost Trilogy and I knew I was going to focus on the first novel and once finished I’d started submitting it. I also knew that today an author is supposed to have an author platform and that an author platform mostly centres around a blog or site. So, in spite of my doubts and knowing basically nothing about blogging or even WordPress, I sighed up and started building my blog.

It took me sometime. I wanted to write a few pages that people could explore. At the time, I didn’t know that I could make the blog private, and anyway I was sure that no one would know I existed until I didn’t start using social media (I was also subscribing to my first social media at the same time).
So I worked on the pages and left the blog alone.
But then, after a few days I was doing this, I realised people were already stopping by and I felt bad that when they did, they found nothing on my blog.
I decided to at least put a quote on, then, so that readers at least knew I was doing something with the blog. And I chose one of my favourite Michael Jackson’s quotes about storytelling.

I’ve always wanted to be able to tell stories, stories that came from my soul. I’d like to sit by a fire and tell people stories – make them see pictures, make them cry and laugh, take them anywhere emotionally. I’d like to tell tales to move their souls and transform them. I’ve always wanted to be able to do that. I sometimes feel I could do that…
– Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Storytelling - I've always wanted to be able to tell stories, stories that came from my soul. I'd like to sit by a fire and tell people stories

How my blog has changed

It’s only four years, but because back then I really didn’t know that I was doing, and because I’ve learned so much, if feels a lot longer.
A first big change came what I realised that blogging isn’t really about me, but – just like stories – it’s about the reader. It’s a way to connect, not a way to express. It was very important to me, that realization, because it changed my way of blogging completely.

It is thanks to the readers of this blog if my content now is more about sharing what I’m passionate about than just telling about myself and my stories. I would have never started writing about the 1920s if it hadn’t been for your awesome people who read this blog and who are passionate about history as much as I am.
In the beginning, I actually decided I wouldn’t blog about the 1920s, because I felt I was no expert. And even if I still think that, I wonder what I was thinking: blogging is about sharing and we can only share what we know and we love. What I know may not be much, but I love it and I love to share it with you.

The blog has also change visually. Not just the theme I’m using, but the idea that is behind my choosing of this theme. Although I’m not at all a techy person, I like learning about how to best manage a blog, because, like writing, the structure is part of the message, in my opinion.
I’ve learned about widgets and plugins, about SEO and images optimization, about article composition. I’m still learning and I’m still having lots of fun.

Only one thing hasn’t changed.
When I posted my first blog, one of my friends told me, “Welcome to the blogosphere, this is a fantastic place.”
And it is. Thanks to you people.

So really, if you are thinking about starting a blog, don’t do like me, don’t wait, don’t overthink. Just start. It will all come together and it will be great fun.

My Nominees

Ali @ Ali Isaac Storyteller
Megan @ Megan Morgan Author
Anabel @ The Glasgow Gallivanter
Holly @ Holly Gonzalez
Tiyana @ The Chandra Tribune


  • Margot Kinberg
    Posted August 21, 2017 at 17:51

    What an interesting idea to go back and reflect on your first blog post. I think the best blogs do grow and change as the blogger does. And congratulations on four years of blogging; may there be many more.

    • Post Author
      Posted August 23, 2017 at 08:47

      Thanks Margot. I plan on keep blogging for a long time, in spite of all the people out there who says blogging is destined to die out. I hope not 😉

  • Ali Isaac
    Posted August 21, 2017 at 19:19

    What a lovely story, Sarah! I feel like I’ve learned so much about you in just one post! And I think you’re right… share what you know, no matter how little you feel that is,so long as it’s something you love and feel passion for. That’s what I try to do too. It may be a small niche, but it’s your niche,and the reader can tell when it’s authentic. I don’t normally do this kind of thing anymore, but this idea I like, so watch out for my post! Thanks for tagging me! X

    • Post Author
      Posted August 23, 2017 at 08:49

      I’m happy you decided to play along, Ali. It is a fun idea, I really enjoyed it. And I lov eto see the first post of veterans like you!

  • Sara Letourneau
    Posted August 21, 2017 at 21:55

    Wow. I don’t think I’d ever heard of that Michael Jackson quote before today. But it’s beautiful, and it rings so true to anyone who considers themselves an artist or storyteller.

    And you’re right, Sarah. Blogging is about sharing. Whether it’s book recommendations / reviews, knowledge about subjects we’re passionate about, stories from our lives as a means of helping or educating others – they’re all forms of sharing, and they allow us to connect with people from all over the world whom we probably wouldn’t have been met otherwise.

    Thanks for taking on this blog hop, Sarah. I really enjoyed reading this. 🙂

    • Post Author
      Posted August 23, 2017 at 08:51

      Thanks for nominating me, Sara 🙂

      I think this is what I love abotu blogging: in spite of everything, it is the only social media where I really feel I share something meaningful, and something truly mine. The other media are… I don’t know, kind of dull on the human side.
      Just my opinion 😉

  • Anabel Marsh
    Posted August 21, 2017 at 22:15

    Thank you for thinking about me but, ha ha, mine was three lines so I don’t think it’s worth reposting! Like you, I didn’t know how to make it private while I set it up so it was basically a place-marker. I’ll let you read it here though:

    • Post Author
      Posted August 23, 2017 at 08:53

      I’d call it a ‘classic’ first post, Anabel 😉

      It’s fascinating reading all the first posts. Even very experienced bloggers with thousends of followers started somewhere. It’s kind of inspiring.

  • Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Posted August 22, 2017 at 12:47

    Hi Sarah – I couldn’t agree more about the blogosphere being an extraordinary place … so difficult to let others know about … but when they’re ready they will come. I started out not really knowing what I wanted to write – still don’t … but I drafted my way into feeling comfortable with my posts, built up that relationship of blogger friends and I just keep on going … funny old world! Cheers Hilary

    • Post Author
      Posted August 23, 2017 at 08:54

      LOL! Hilary, that sounds pretty familiar 😉
      You know, I think most of us don’t really know what they’re doing when they start blogging. there is so much fo learn. But learning is part of hte fun of blogging. And the community is fantastic and supporting. I’m happy I started.

  • Barbara In Caneyhead
    Posted August 22, 2017 at 19:52

    I think this blog hop is an awesome idea! I so enjoyed learning how you came to be here, Sarah! Thanks for participating.

    • Post Author
      Posted August 23, 2017 at 08:55

      Barbara, hop on board! Share your first post!!!!!

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