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Character Creation


How to create characters that feel real.


This Character Development Workbook will help you in how to create a fictional character that feels like real person and has a strong role in the story, making it more coherent and solid.

This is an author planner, a planner I specially created for authors drawing on my multi-decade experience in writing fiction of all lengths.
We all know that characters are the beating heart of stories. It’s to characters that readers relate to and identify. When there are strong characters in a story, readers will be drawn to it.

But how is a strong character built?
Not just by describing them in detail, let me tell you. And not even by merely creating an engaging backstory for them. These are important things, but you know what is even more important? That your characters connect to the story. That they have a defining role that binds them to the plot and to the story themes.

This printable planner helps you do just that. It guides you in creating your character as a person and then defining them as a storytelling device. When these two aspects go hand-in-hand- that’s when true magic happens.

The worksheet will guide you in how to create a fictional character, how to use characters in a story and overall how to write a strong plot.

10 pages of introduction
1 page character ID
3 pages background
1 page personality traits
2 pages character’s timeline
2 page character’s motives
2 pages Character Arc



Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to print the files correctly.
Please, download it here:


This workbook can be instantly downloaded then imported into your favourite note-taking app (like Goodnotes or Notability), where you’ll be able to write on it with an apple pencil or a stylus as on a paper workbook. Some PDF programs also allow doing the same thing.

For a more powerful creative experience, this workbook can be paired with the 3-Act Story Structure Workbook, which will help you outline the first draft of your story.



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16 February 2022

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