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Rock Your NaNoWriMo Challenge 2023


NoWriMo Challenge Workbook and Email Coaching

Sometimes, the continuation of a story is just a little idea away, but we can’t see it because we are trying to do this all alone. You don’t have to be alone

This NaNoWriMo Challenge Workbook and Email Coaching program is designed to help you go through the NaNoWriMo Challenge with purpose and awareness, and with the highest chance of finishing your 50k-word draft.

The workbook will help you create your novel’s roadmap with templates that are proven to keep the story going. The emails will give you additional guidance and tips, as well as pep talks and inspirational quotes.

This challenge is perfect for both planners and pantsers because it can easily adapt to your personal writing process.


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A plan for the entire challenge that includes:


I will accompany you through Prep-tober, adding tips to the workbook via email to help you fill the workbook with the essentials for your story, and of course, you can ask me any questions. 

I will help you get accustomed to the NaNoWriMo site and find everything you need there.


I’ll be your cheerleader, helping you if you get stuck, motivating you if you need it. It will be fun!


Whether you finish your novel or not, I will support you during December, the month that NaNoWriMo devotes to revisions. 

At whatever stage your story is, we’ll find a way to bring it home!

You will also get:

  • A 35-page workbook 
  • Emails with additional guidance and tips
  • Motivational quotes 
  • Pep talks to get you through the hardest times
  • The calendars for three months
  • The charts to keep track of your word count
  • Personal support via email
  • Support and guidance for three months
  • BONUS: additional worksheets

It starts on October 1, and we’ll get to the end of the year.



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