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The Great War – BFCM 2021


Hi friend!

This is a very special offer I’ve created especially for you, who are part of my gang. Nobody outsite my gang can even see this secret page.

It contains the three books that are the backbones of my catalogue, at the moment.

Ghosts Through the Cracks, my dieselpunk novella set in 1924 Chicago
Living the Twenties, my celebration of the new Twenties (2020) by looking at the historical Twenties (1920s)
The Great War, the brand new book that I’ve just published which looks at the human side of WWI.

I won’t offer these three books together again at this price, so I really hope you’ll take advantage of this offer. 

If you do, I hope you’ll enjoy them. And please, consider writing a review to post wherever you can. It is very important for me. You would support my stories and my opportunity to keep writing them more than you’ll ever imagine. 

Have a fantastic winter season!


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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