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Rae Lori – Guest Post

I posted a review of Rae’s dieselpunk story The Hot Dry Spell a while ago. She was so kind as to write a guest post about her future plans for the series.

Here she goes.


THE HOT DRY SPELL (Rae Lori) - In Prohibition Era Chicago, fea and warewolves are at war. And it's getting uglyThanks so much Sarah for letting me hop into your world!

The world of books and publishing is such an amazing thing. I wouldn’t have met Sarah if she didn’t review my story and if I didn’t publish it beforehand. Now I consider her a friend a dieselpunk buddy for whenever I need a good read.

I’ve always been into the 20s, 30s and 40s styles (more so the 40s when I was younger) and being a sci-fi fan, I loved it whenever the two fused together to form a neo-noir Blade Runner type of story. I got the idea for The Hot Dry Spell when I saw submissions call for an urban fantasy set in the past. I can’t remember the exact guidelines, but I loved the idea of an underground society of paranormals who lived during that time. I didn’t see it much in other media so I took it upon myself to explore it. Thanks to Sarah’s review input, it’s only the beginning.

This isn’t the first time where I explored an underground world. I also do so in my Ashen Twilight series which features different houses of Lycans, nightwalkers (vampires) and shifters all who work together to stay alive through the centuries. My Ashen Twilight series is a historical one as well as a contemporary. Although each series are pretty much in separate worlds, I’ve been thinking about connecting them by having a certain character wander into the world of the Hot Dry Spell from my AT series. It won’t be a continuation per se, but a nod to the readers who like seeing crossovers.

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight (Rae Lori) - Haunted by dreams of a mysterious yet seductive figure, Ariya awakens to a more dangerous nightmare: a vicious elemental creature nearly wiping out her entire family outside her bedroom doorsI’m planning on having The Hot Dry Spell be its own world. I love writing short stories, especially ones that deal with detectives and crime solving. Romance isn’t as open to shorter fiction, but I notice the speculative genres are which is a big plus for me. Chatting with Sarah, I got a whole bunch of ideas to make the world its own expanded universe through a series of interconnected stories kinda like Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. With the interest in dieselpunk, pulp has made a comeback with the digital revolution and I couldn’t be happier. The fae king and his workers will definitely make appearances later one, but I would like to showcase other characters in the background who may have passed by or had a few sentences. The club itself is a central hub where all my characters meet and there are a lot of possibilities to make it the cotton club for the paranormals. I’d like to expand on the war between the kingdoms and put it in perspective of what was going on at the time. Who knows, I may do a crossover and have a character here pop up later in my Ashen Twilight series. 😉
Eventually, I’d like to put all of these in one anthology. For now, I’m focusing on expanding the universe with more stories which I hope to run by Sarah to get her thoughts before they go live (if it’s okay with her). I’m excited about the prospects and plan to slip it into my writing schedule as soon as I can. One thing I’m looking forward to, more binge listening to Radio Dismuke as I dive back into the world of the urban fantasy jazz age.

Stay tuned 😉

Rae Lori


  • Rae Lori
    Posted July 13, 2014 at 07:43

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Sarah!

  • jazzfeathers
    Posted July 13, 2014 at 18:25

    It was a pleasure, Rae 🙂

    I enjoyed a lot reading your plans for the future. I particularly like the idea of the speakeasy as a hub for your characters to meet. That’s a bit like the speakeasy in my own story. It’s a great setting, don’t you find? A secret place, where shady things happen. It’s the perfect place for a story.

    And of course you can send any such story my way. It will be a pleasure to read them.

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