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The biggest challenge when writing an historically set story is make it feel it isn’t happened today. Sure, people is people, but history is history and nobody should expect people of nearly one hundred years ago to think and act exactly like us. Nor should their lives appear to be just like our own life.

Of course there may be exceptions. In fact, as a storyteller, you’ll want to have exceptions in your story. But in order to do this and to make these exceptions still credible in your historical setting, you need as an author to be aware of what the ‘standard path’ was and to make your reader aware of the same.

So you need to know your facts, of course, nothing comes before that, but you also need to know and be aware of the similarities and the differences in the way people would think and feel in the time period as oppose as to what people think and feel today in the same situation. And honestly I find this to be the most fascinating part of the research.

NOTE: I tried to track down the first ever edition of every book, because I think knowing when a book was written puts it in the right perspective.

social history

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african american history and culture

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native american history and culture

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