Roaring Twenties AtoZ - Free eBook - The Twenties is kind of an obscure time, wedged as it is between two world wars, but it was a taime of great change, one that shaped the entire XX century


The Roaring Twenties were a fantastically exciting time of change, of great hopes for the future and great disillusionment. Of fear of the different and the new and excitiment for the novelties and the new ways of life. 
Like our own times, the 1920s were a time of insecurities and advancement mixed togehter. A time of discovery.
Let's step together into it!


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A 56-pages easy-to-use guide to the Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties is a fascinating time where so many things we now take for granted first came into existence. It was both a time of change for so many people (women, but also minorities, especially African Americans) and of ideas still stubbornly clinging to the past (the Scope Trial, for example, and to some extent, Prohibition itself). These contradictions are the heart of this era.

For those of you who are fascinated with the 1920s as much as I am, I’ve written a short compendium of the American Roaring Twenties, an easy-to-use guide, arranged alphabetically, that covers all the main aspects of that time.
Who was the New Woman? How people felt about jazz? Why the KKK became so popular? How did flappers talk? Find an answer to all these questions and more.


Sarah Zama

Is the author fo Give in to the Feeling, a novella set in Chicago in 1924 and is currently working of other stories set in the Twenties. She has extensivelly research the Roaring Twenties since 2010 for her American stories and has started recently researching 1920s in Europe. She maintain the blog The Old Shelter where she shares her discoveries.