soul searching story

PROMISES UNBROKEN (Melinda Kelly) When tragedy strikes at a very young age, QUINN and ENRIQUE are brought to Saint Anthony's, a home for at-risk children in Puerto Rico. There, they discover an almost supernatural bond that turns from friendship to young love.

Thursday Quotables – Promises Unbroken

His breath shook as he inhaled deeply. “You’ll have everything you’ve ever wanted; a home, parents who love you…you’ll get to go to college and everything.” He paused. “We can still write to each other…if…

THE BLACK ORCHID (Celine JeanJean) Rary isn't a girl anymore. As she discoveres herself as a woman, while investigating the murder of a few of her friends, her friendship with Longinus is put at the test

Thursday Quotables – The Black Orchid

“See,” said Mizria, stepping up behind her. “You look lovely.” If Rory had looked lovely, she certainly didn’t anymore, not when standing next to Mizria and there was a familiar safety in that. Rory knew…

LETTING GO (Ali Isaac) Irish lore, ghosts, coming to terms with the past

Thursday Quotables – Letting Go

She strides towards me, gathering form as she approaches. Her feet sink just below the surface, kicking up tiny splashes with each step. I should be afraid, but I’ve shifted beyond fear. When she stops,…

MEDICINE RIVER (Thomas King) - When Will goes back to the reservation for his mother's funeral, he has no intention to stay. But there's something there that will just never let him go

Thursday Quotable – Medicine River

“That’s strange, Will. Can’t imagine Harlen missing this.” Neither could I. Harlen went to everything. He went to all the powwow. He went to all the funerals. He went to all the weddings, the births…

WINTER IN THE BLOOD (James Welch) - A young Native American Men goes on a metaphorical journey in search of his true self. The world around him mixes meaningless consummerist offering with traditional ways that feel so far away

Thursday Quotable – Winter in the Blood

The old woman imagined that the girl was Cree and enemy and plotted ways to slit her throat. One day, the flint striker would do; another day she favored the paring knife she kept hidden…

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