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Thursday Quotables – Murder in the Dark (Miss Fisher Mysteries)

MURDER IN THE DARK Kerry Greenwood

Step, pause, step, pause, step, step, step, pause. Where was the Joker? Who was he? And who was his target? Am I going to live through tonight? thought Nicholas. He stumbled, and missed his step.

‘Hold up,’ said Phryne. “Talk, if you’re worried.’

‘How did you know that?’

‘I’m worried too,’ said Miss Fisher. ‘I’m not a soldier, trained to battle. In fact I bet soldiers worry as well, they just don’t tell us about it.’

‘Just the usual worries, Phryne: shell I eat breakfast tomorrow?’ he said, smiling with some effort.

‘Oh, yes,’ she said, smiling with no effort at all. ‘I am confident of that.’

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I have to be honest, this Miss Fisher novel was quite disappointing. In fact, characters don’t act and speak like the other two novels I’ve read, they don’t even seem to come from the same hand.

The story was all over the place. As usual, there are many threads intertwining, which I normally like, but here they just confused me. I kept losing sight of what the mystery was all about and what was Miss Fisher doing about it. The investigation didn’t seem tight at all and often I didn’t see where some conclusions came from.

Miss Fisher finds herself at the Best End of the Year Party of 1928, where an assassin is lurking. Still, it looked to me as if the author was much more concerned with describing the party (there were loooong sections of this) than building a mystery. I still read it with some pleasure, because Phryne Fisher is a good character and I still enjoyed her. The writing was easy and nice too, but it wasn’t as entertaining as other novels in the same series.

Still, I suppose long series like this one will always offer good stories and less good ones. I will read more Miss Fisher novels.

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MURDER IN THE DARK (Kerry Greenwood) Phryne didn't have any intention to go to the Last Best Party of 1928, smashing as it promises to be. But when someone tries to hurt her and her family with the clear intent to keep her away from that party, she must go. (book review)
Thursday Quotables – Murder in the Dark Miss Fisher Mysteries


  • Margot Kinberg
    Posted June 2, 2017 at 17:09

    Sorry to hear you were disappointed in this one. As you say, in a long series, it’s really hard to get it right every time. I hope you’ll find the next one more to your liking.

    • Post Author
      Posted June 5, 2017 at 12:45

      As a metter of fact, I’m reading another Miss Fisher story in this moment and I’m really enjoyinging it 🙂

  • Ali Isaac
    Posted June 4, 2017 at 15:01

    That’s disappointing when you love a series, and the come across a part which isn’t up to the rest of them. Hope the rest of the series improves.

    • Post Author
      Posted June 5, 2017 at 12:46

      It is, isn’t it? But I suppose it’s the way things go in terms of long series.
      I’m reading another Miss Fisher story now and I’m enjoying it a lot more 🙂

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