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Thursday Quotables – Rise of the Sparrows (blog tour)

Cover of the novel "Rise of the Sparrow" by Sarina Langer. The cover shows the upper part of the sword against a dark, stormy background.“How does it feel to be helpless?”

The sudden shock of hearing that voice again was almost too much to handle, and stung more than the pain in her leg. Struck where she stood she could do nothing but stare at the small figure in front of her.

After all this time – She hadn’t changed a bit. Apart from the light in her eyes. The light in her eyes had taken on a vicious gleam.

The Prophecy had been correct.

Thursday Quotables MemeRise of the Sparrows by Sarina Langer is the first installment in the Relic of Ar’Zac trilogy. It’s a classic fantasy as I haven’t read in a long time, with all the elements we’ve come to associate with fantasy.
An outcast girl is designated by an old Prophecy to be the saviour of all the people that possess magic, who are now discriminated against and hunted down, even killed. Everybody fears magic.

Racheal doesn’t believe in the Prophecy. How can  someone as common and as shunned as she is ever have the strength to change the future of so many people? Still she must try. She must search her soul looking for that strength and that resolution that might indeed change the future.


Sarina Langer - Author of the fantasy novel Rise of the SparrowsIn addition to be part of the Thursday Quotable mame – hosted every Thursday by Bookshelf Fantasies – this post is also part of the launching blog tour for Rise of the Sparrows. Learn a lot more about the story and what’s behind it on Sarina Langer blog.

Sarina is the author of the Relics of Ar’Zac trilogy. The first book in the series, Rise of the Sparrows, was released in late May 2016. Now she’s working on the sequels while trying to ignore the many other ideas screaming for attention in her head.

She’s obsessed with books and all things stationery, has a proud collection of over twenty notebooks, and squees every time she buys a new notebook, pen (hmmm, fountain pens) or highlighters.

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  • Sarina Langer
    Posted May 26, 2016 at 07:43

    Thank you, Sarah! <3 I don't think I can reblog this, but I'll retweet it and put it on my facebook page :)

    • Post Author
      Posted June 4, 2016 at 05:15

      Cheers, Sarina. I’ve seen your lauch was a great success :-)

  • Alex Hurst
    Posted May 29, 2016 at 19:33

    It looks like an interesting book, and the quote is teeming with potential. :) Good luck on your launch, Sarina!

    • Sarina Langer
      Posted May 31, 2016 at 08:59

      Thank you! :) It’s been a great week ^^

    • Post Author
      Posted June 4, 2016 at 05:16

      There are great potential in the book. I hope to see more of the Sparrows.

  • Jen Chandler
    Posted June 1, 2016 at 16:50

    Hi Sarah! Sorry I haven’t been by since the A-Z Challenge. Life’s been a bit crazy :)

    Thanks for sharing this! It sounds like a very interesting story. I’m always intrigued by anything to do with magic.


    • Post Author
      Posted June 4, 2016 at 05:18

      Hi Jen. Tell me about it! AtoZ had been crazy and the time after that even crazier. How’s that?
      But we know where to find each other, don’t we? ;-)

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