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Thursday Quotables – Ruddy Gore (Miss Fisher Mysteries)

‘Hmm,’ said Dot, taking another chop. ‘That’s a puzzler, Miss.’

‘Then there are the appearances of the ghost. What do you think about ghosts, Dot?’

‘You should get onto the church. You should call Father Ryan. It’s their business,’ said Dot firmly. ‘All this spirit talking and table-turning, it’s mortally sinful.’

‘Now, I suppose, is not the time to tell you that I am going to the Spiritualist church tonight with Selwyn Alexander?’ asked Phryne with a smile.

‘Oh, Miss, you be careful.’

‘I’ll be safe with Selwyn, Dot. He’s in love with Miss Esperance as who wouldn’t be. She is perfectly beautiful.’

‘It’s not your virtue I’m worrying about, Miss, I reckon you can take care of that. But Father Ryan preached about it only last week. Possession, he said, possession is the great danger of spiritualism and he was talking about an exorcism he had performed. Some silly madam was playing with an Ouija board and got herself possessed. He says they aren’t the spirits of the dead, who are with God, but the temptations of the Devil.’

‘Dot dear, I’m sure that the Devil had other things to do.’

‘No, Miss, he’s got plenty of time – he “walks to and fro upon the earth, seeking whom he might devour” – that’s what the Bible says.’ Dot was in deep earnest and Phryne patted her hand.

‘I don’t think you can be possessed unless you want to,’ she soothed. ‘And I don’t want to be. It can’t be that bad, Dot dear, lots of people go to these spirit readings – it’s been popular ever since so many young men didn’t come home from the War. There are many lost souls.’

‘Souls,’ said Dot firmly, ‘are with God.’

‘You know what I mean.  If it makes some poor bereaved mother feel better if she thinks  that her son is somewhere with a lot of flowers and happy singing – much though that might not have suited him in his earthly form – what harm does it do?’

‘It’s dangerous,’ said Dot mulishly. ‘I don’t like it, Miss.’

‘Then I’m sorry, but I’m going.’

Thursday Quotables MemeI’m happy this wasn’t the first of the Miss Fisher Mysteries I read. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but in many ways it was less intriguing than the first I read.

The first half of the novel leans heavily on dialogue, there is very little action. It is enjoyable anyway because Greenwood peoples her theatre of many interesting, quirky, unique characters, but there are so many of them and some gets very little time in the story, that I ended up mixing them up. Not all of them, of course, but enough to get confused, especially in the end.
There are three mysteries in this novels, which I like, but again, they tend to become mixed together, which if it’s something I find good (because that’s how life works) it’s also something that I found confusing. I suppose the problem is I had a hard time identifying a main course of the story that would have guided me through it.

I missed the usual cast. This is a story that focuses very much on Phryne. Some of the usual characters show up, but they remain on the fringes, even Jack Robinson, who, after all, is investigating the crime. As I said, there are plenty of other interesting characters, so I’m not complaining, I just missed the usual ‘friends’.

RUDDY GORE (Kerry Greenwood) - Is there truly a ghost haunting the Maj Theatre? Or is someone playing cruel tricks on the company? And why? Miss Phryne Fisher isn't one too incline to believ ein ghosts, but she has as open a mind on this matter as on anything (book review)
RUDDY GORE (Kerry Greenwood) - Is there truly a ghost haunting the Maj Theatre? Or is someone playing cruel tricks on the company? And why? Miss Phryne Fisher isn't one too incline to believ ein ghosts, but she has as open a mind on this matter as on anything

Pinterest pin. The text reads, "Ruddy Gore by Kerry Greenwood. The picture is a still from the TV series "Miss Fisher Mysteries" showing Miss Fisher trying on an Oriental-style gown.
RUDDY GORE (Kerry Greenwood) - Is there truly a ghost haunting the Maj Theatre? Or is someone playing cruel tricks on the company? One of Miss Fisher Mysteries

In post is part of the Thursday Quotables meme. If you want to discover more about this meme and maybe take part in it, head over to Bookshelf Fantasies

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  • Anne
    Posted May 4, 2017 at 23:32

    I am glad you found an Australian mystery but I agree that isn’t my favourite Australian detective novel or even Phryne Fisher novel. My daughter feels Phryne is too much a “Mary-Sue “, just too perfect.

    • Post Author
      Posted May 5, 2017 at 09:10

      Hmm, I’m not sure I agree that Miss Fisher is a Mary-Sue. She is definitelly a very positive character, but this alone doesn’t make her a Mary-Sue.
      I’ve only read two of her novels (though more are on my TBR list), and I find that there’s a balance between her strenghts and her fears. I also understand that there are dark events in her past.

      I have the impression her past is quite complex, though you don’t get to know it chronologically, but rather organically. You get to know the character (her history, her reasons) bit by bit, naturally, as when you get to know a real person. That may be the reson why she may feel superficial if you only read a few novels.
      I actually think she’s a very conplex, and quite controversial, character.

  • Kristin
    Posted May 5, 2017 at 18:07

    Reading just that little bit made me want to read more. I usually don’t read murder mysteries, but I think I will try it.

    • Post Author
      Posted May 7, 2017 at 08:18

      Please do, Kristin. Besides, Miss Fisher Mysteries are cosy mysteries, so there is a lot more going on other than the murder. And the recurring cast of characters is truely adorable.

  • Margot Kinberg
    Posted May 5, 2017 at 19:01

    I’m so glad you’re highlighting the Phryne Fisher series. I think it’s a well-done look at the 1920s, and I think Greenwood creates some interesting plots.

    • Post Author
      Posted May 7, 2017 at 08:19

      I’ll be honest, I love everything about these stories: the plots, the characters and the setting.
      I’ve read other stories (especially mysteries) set in the 1920s, but none gets even close to the kind of rendering and accuracy Greenwood offers.

  • Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies
    Posted May 7, 2017 at 01:48

    I’ve meaning to give the Miss Fisher books a try!

  • Barbara In Caneyhead
    Posted May 7, 2017 at 06:36

    I’ve never read anything by this author. I am no good with names, I forgot them almost as soon as I hear them or see them. So a cast of many characters that I can’t see in a book can get rather stressful for me.

    • Post Author
      Posted May 7, 2017 at 08:23

      Don’t get discouraged by this, Barabra. Sure, Prhyne has a pretty unique name, but she’s the main character, you won’t miss her 😉
      And other than the odd characters, most of the recurring cast has very common names, like Dotty, Jack, Mr Butler, Hugh.
      This is a wonderful series. Do give it a try 🙂

  • Davida Chazan
    Posted June 10, 2017 at 22:46

    I’ve read several reviews of her books in this series and decided I have to try her, at least once. I just ordered a copy of her first one in the series! Thanks!

    • Post Author
      Posted June 11, 2017 at 07:37

      Hi Davida, thanks for stopping by 🙂
      I haven’t read the first one (I’m kind of going at random), but I’ve see that the series is very uneaven in terms of quality, so it really depends on the single book you read.
      But mostly, I enjoy it 🙂

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