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Gang Roundup – September 2021

September! Isn’t it time to start a new course, guys? 

I always feel like September is the start of something new, maybe because we’re finally out of the heat of summer, and I don’t function well in the heat.

September also marks the fifth anniversary of the Gang Roundup. Can you imagine that? I posted the first Gang Roundup on September 5, 2016. Boy, how things have changed since then!

But hey, here we are again for a new post of sharing 1920s-ish stuff!

Undoubtedly, Weimar Germany gets a bad reputation even today, when historians have long since changed their stance regarding the Republic.

Weimar Germany, More Than a Cabaret

Undoubtedly, Weimar Germany gets a bad reputation even today, when historians have long since changed their stance regarding the Republic.
Once considered a failure even before it was established, the Weimar Republic had been judged by its end rather than its true self for most of the last century. But today, historians are coming back to the many achievements and advancements the Republic engendered, most of which were far in advance compared to the life of many other nations.
This article explores both the past bad name and the new reformed impression of Weimar and gives a sense of how complex Weimar Germany truly was.

Hedonism, sex and fear – why the Weimar republic is in vogue

Well, you know. This article perfectly explains all the reasons why I love the 1920s – and yes, why I have a soft spot for Weimar Germany.
We can mirror ourselves in the life the 1920s proposed, which is why we can learn so much from them and their mistakes. And also, there’s hope to gain from the 1920s if we don’t just look at them from afar.

Matthew Henson was an African American explorer best known as the co-discoverer of the North Pole with Robert Edwin Peary in 1909.

The First Man to Reach the North Pole was an African American Desk Clerk the World Forgot

Great article about the first man who probably reached the North Pole – not the one you would expect.
It’s interesting how history may differ from what we learn in school, and I have no doubt that many things are more complex and diverse than we normally think. Fortunately, today, we can explore many different resources, not just the ‘official’ ones.

A FATEHR'S JOURNEY (Lori Wolf-Heffner) Two teens, a century apart, struggle to learn what love and fathers are really all about.

A Father’s Journey by Lori Wold-Heffner

Two teens, a century apart, struggle to learn what love and fathers are really all about.

That does it, Juliana vows. It’s Operation How to Train Your Father, full speed ahead. After years of making do with texts and phone calls while he was driving his transport truck for days, sometimes weeks, at a time, she’d thought she desperately wanted him home. That was before he wanted her to wear shorts down to her ankles and study 30 hours a day. But when a family secret derails her plans, Juliana discovers there’s more to her father than she could have ever imagined.

Elisabeth is breaking with tradition by getting her bangs cut for the very first time in her life when she hears Tata will be coming home early from America! How can she show him how much she loves him? She’ll put on the best welcome-home celebration ever, that’s it.  When a family crisis strikes, though, Elisabeth fears she’ll never learn how to show her father just how much he really means to her.

A Father’s Journey is the eighth instalment in Lori Wolf-Heffner’s contemporary/historical series, Between Worlds. Join Juliana and Elisabeth as they find family love in unexpected places.

I’ve followed Karolina Żebrowska for more than a year on YouTube, and I really love her passion for fashion history and historical accuracy.
She’s written a book about fashion history, unfortunately only in her native language, Polish, but I really really love the book trailer.

Sarah plugs her stuff

NaNoWriMo is approaching!

THE FROZEN MAZE - A Snow White Retelling Set in 1920s Germany

I know it’s still a couple of months away, but I also know that I need to start preparing if I want to finish the revision of The Frozen Maze. And I certainly do!

Last year, I planned to get back in the swing of things during NaNo and sort out a few thorny matters before writing the actual revision of Act II and Act III, hopefuly in December. 

Didn’t work out. And not because I neglected the challenge. On the contrary, it was going very well – when work went crazy at the bookshop, and I had to drop the challenge because there simply weren’t enough hours in a day to allow me to also write. 

I was very annoyed, but there was nothing I could do about it. 

So, this year I want to get back in the swing of things first so that in November, I’ll only have to write. Of course, it can still happen that work will go crazy… but I hope not.

I really want to finish revising the story because if I had the entire revision (which means that Act III and a good chunk of Act II will be rewritten), I’d have hopes to start posting the story again. The big rewriting work I have to do has intimidated me enough to postpone it time after time, but if that rewriting work were done – that would be another story. 

This booklet is a collection of most of the templates that I use to prepare my NaNoWriMo. There are pages to work out the plot, the characters and the setting, and of course, there are calendars and a word tracker. It comes in a version for planners and one for pantsers.

And always regarding NaNoWriMo but in a different way.

I’ve taken part in the challenge almost every year since 2005 and only missed the mark a couple of times. I tried many different things during the challenge, and now I want to share them in a little book that I hope will help other NaNoers.

It comes in a ‘panner’ and a ‘pantser’ version. Which one is me, you ask? 

Well, both. I’m still both a pantser and a planner, depending on what part of the writing process I’m in, but regarding NaNoWriMo, I have indeed gone into it some times as a pantser and winged it, other times I planned it – though never too thoroughly, I’m not that kind of planner.

So, if you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo, check it out. And if you know someone who will take part, tell them about it!

The book will be available next week. I’ll keep you posted.

Gang RoundUp - September 2021 - Weimar Republic - It was a lot more than an experiment destined to fail. It was one of the first manifestations of diversity in the 20th century.

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