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Protagonist Creation Bundle


Protagonist Development Workbook: Write a Story with a Protagonist that Feels Real and Drives the Plot

Ah, protagonists!

The joy and pain of every story.

The protagonist is arguably the story’s heart. All stories are defined by their protagonists. Of course, you want to get them right.

The protagonist is the character that readers will root for, follow, and connect with on an emotional level. That’s why it’s so important to develop a well-rounded and believable protagonist.

This Protagonist Development Workbook will guide you through the process of creating a protagonist that feels real and drives the plot of your story. You will learn how to:

  • Explore your protagonist’s personality and backstory
  • Craft their journey
  • Bring these two souls together to create a protagonist that is both believable and compelling

When you understand your protagonist, you will know what happens next in your story. You will know what problems are pertinent to their journey, and you will know when they are likely to make the wrong decision and why.

This preparatory work will allow you to write a story more smoothly and avoid getting stuck.

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